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An exclusive brand for surface cleaning that takes your homecare experience to new heights. At Tylox, we aim to provide the best solutions for all your surface cleaning needs through our selection of nifty high-end surface products. Our products are not only experts in thorough cleaning and disinfecting but also come in refreshing fragrances that add to the overall experience.

As the “Keeper of a Healthy Home,” Tylox recognizes the significance of a tidy and hygienic living environment. We believe that maintaining a clean and germ free living space plays a significant role in promoting a sense of well-being and harmony.
Whether you’re dealing with stubborn stains and harmful germs or simply seeking to maintain a pristine and hygienic environment; our range of products are designed with both disinfectant and cleaner to cater to the varied cleaning requirements of our customers. We continuously innovate and evolve to stay at the forefront of the cleaning industry, ensuring that you receive nothing but the very best. 
Join us on our journey to a cleaner, healthier home with Tylox. Let us be your trusted partner in maintaining the cleanliness and well-being of your living space.